Digital dashboard with TM1638 and Arduino Nano v3

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Re: Digital dashboard with TM1638 and Arduino Nano v3

Postby devrim » Wed 25. Jan 2017, 12:59

Hello, I write from Germany.

I used the sketch for the 1602 LCD. I have a Dot matrix LED and 7 Segment with 8 digits.
Both driver are MAX7219.

LCD works, Dot Matrix too for Gears. Now I want to use the 7 Segment for RPM and Speed.

I thought it will work like this.

if (gear==0){
sprintf(message,"%s:%s %s:%5d",rapport, reverse , trmin, rpm);
sprintf(message1,"%s:%3d %s",speed1, speed , speedunit);
lcd.write(message); //envoi le message sur l'écran 1 ere ligne
lcd.write(message1); //envoi le message sur l'écran 2 eme ligne
mydisplay.setDigit(1, 7, rpm, false);
mydisplay.setDigit(1, 2, speed, false);
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Re: Digital dashboard with TM1638 and Arduino Nano v3

Postby manc0ntr0 » Fri 27. Jan 2017, 20:20

prodigy wrote:Great work Gilles! Also, nice from Tronic for helping you.
Now your dashboard has a lot of wires and boards, how will you do a box for it? :D

I am pretty pleased with TM1638 display, it has all I need right now and if I am going to upgrade, I think I will attach another TM1638 on it, maybe for fuel, laps, lap time or something like that. But for now I will stick with this one display, it is small enough so I will do a box and attach it to the wheel.

I was playing with the ard. code and uso command, I have found a way to have LEDs synchronized with car without too much numbers changing.
I have set RPM in converter to auto find max. number, and only thing I need to do after I change car, I need to reset the RPM math number to 1, and after that game will auto adjust RPM value for the car when you start driving and LEDs will be auto adjusted. Just press throttle once when in neutral gear to receive max. RPM.

I think I will wait for new version of X-Sim to test the new auto adjusting feature. Maybe then there will be no changes needed every time when switching car. If that works good I will post the code and details.


I'm trying to do the same you did but I can't resolve it. I use as a base the code of tronicGr. He passes through Extractor max value for rpm (9500), but I don't know how to send max rpm for each car I use and how to take it in Arduino's code. I'm a noob in this.

Any help will be appreciated.
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