Arduino and Monster Moto (motors run non stop)

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Arduino and Monster Moto (motors run non stop)

Postby Xtech007 » Mon 22. Jan 2018, 05:48

Hi all!
Finally got around to continue this project I started many years Ago!
I build the frame, added 2 wiper motor (2 DOF) and thanks to Mr Thanos and many others at the time build the h-bridge.
But after few test and runs it burned out. I think I order parts to fix it but realized there was a new version of the board,
To make the story short after a new start frustration and new components I quit and put it aside.

But few weeks ago cleaning my garage (office space) decided to tackle it again, and to my surprise in collaboration of many of
You we can use Arduino and Monster Moto driver!!!!

Order both, receive it and followed instructions on how to install each components as per RacingMat post and used the code provided by his post!!!!

The issue is that when I apply power to the Monster Moto shield both of the wiper motor start to run non stop...
Did read some other post to swap A4 and A5, I kept the original code and wired the pots to A0 and A1. So don’t know if it’s a must to change my pots to A4,A5 and that part of the code.

Is there a new code for the Arduino?
I ask because I see in the code max and min pot readings are in place but when reached it still keeps powering the motors.
I forgot to mention my pots are attached to the motors.
Also tried having pots out to test if at some point it would stop, it did!! But also notice that when motor stopped it was free not in brake, I could easily move the motor.

Hope some one have gone through this, and can guide me.

Thanks guys!
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