Hardware Dashboard using Pololu and servos

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Hardware Dashboard using Pololu and servos

Postby patrickd018 » Mon 4. Nov 2013, 15:25

Hi guys, I'm a good machinist and want to build a hardware dashboard from scratch but i'm a noob at electronic. I'm thinking using a Pololu USB servo controller with rc servos. My questions are:
-Do I need to use continuous rotation servos? If yes, do they have "home position" so that they return to the same point everytime my dashboard is to be turn on and off?
-Do I really need to pass through a parrallel port from my computer then convert it to USB for a Pololu controller to work with SimX? Or can I just plug a USB Pololu card using a USB port on my pc?

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Re: Hardware Dashboard using Pololu and servos

Postby sirnoname » Mon 4. Nov 2013, 20:42

Servos -> low position count, not accurate! Read the threads of the mainpage topic.
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