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Controlling Rear Car Instrument Cluster

Postby jqhn » Fri 7. Oct 2016, 12:51

Hi all,

This is my post entry so my account is not deleted :)

I use the x-sim software so I can extract and convert data from racing sims, i.e. Rfactor 2, Raceroom and Assetto Corsa, and feed them to an instrument cluster from a Mazda RX8.

The hardware I'm using is an Arduino Uno, a Can-Bus shield and an external 12v supply for the instruments. Here is a video of it working:

Edit: the site doesn't let me to post the video link. Here is a pic, the cluster is on the left of the rig:

I will post more details if someone is interested. Cheers!

Edit2: Since it is not a question, I will repost this to the peripheral projects thread so I can get an offline key
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Re: Controlling Rear Car Instrument Cluster  Topic is solved

Postby RAVENXX » Thu 19. Jan 2017, 23:26

Hi jqhn,

how I can get some info about your project?
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