AMC1280, Polulu and RC-Servos in Xsim - Problem

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AMC1280, Polulu and RC-Servos in Xsim - Problem

Postby Oldiron » Tue 3. Sep 2019, 21:20

Hi all.
We took the challenge to build a 3dof (later advancing to 6dof,hopefully) simulator. Next step is to build a modell with rc- servos (build that already).
We aru using thanos great amc1280.Now we ran into trouble:

AMC is connected and recognized in Xsim.
Polulu controller is recognized also and can control the model, all fine here.
AMC can talk to Pololu and move the model by pressing the buttons for max movements, fine too.
So wiring seems to be ok.

Xsim recognizes amc as well.

But: AMC does not respond to xsim!

I watched Thanos video on rs servos in that config, but no clue.

We are using Win 10 pro.

Any helpful suggestions?

Kindest regards
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