Problem YAW (assettocorsa)

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Problem YAW (assettocorsa)

Postby corsaveloce » Fri 8. Jun 2018, 22:55

Good evening, I have a 3DOF and I have a problem with the "assettocorsa" plugin (name: AssettoCorsa).
All the effects work (pitch, roll, surge, sway, heave) but I have a problem with the effect number 29 (Yaw): practically in curves, the platform rotates in an anomalous way (when the curve ends, the platform remains rotated to right or left, although the car is going straight ahead).
I think I have performed the correct setup of the values ​​"Maximum value and Minimum value", using "Use automatic maximum adjustment".
I also tried to use the effect number 34 (Yaw slip), it seems a little better but the behavior of the effect is similar to the "Sway", because the platform always rotates at every turn, even without the loss of grip on the track.
I'm sure that my platform has no problems, because I also installed rFactor, and the plugin (name: xsimplugin) works perfectly, even the effect number 29 (Yaw).
How can I solve the problem with the Yaw effect of "assettocorsa"?
I ask your help to solve the rotation problem (Yaw).
Thanks for your help.
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Re: Problem YAW (assettocorsa)

Postby spers » Mon 22. Apr 2019, 12:55

Sag mir, gibt es eine Lösung für dieses Problem? Hast du eine Lösung gefunden? Da sehe ich die Antworten in dieser Mitteilung nicht.
Wenn Sie glauben, dass heute Ihr Tag ist.
Verlieren Sie nicht, es ist möglich, Ihr Glück auf der kostenlos zu versuchen.
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