Planner for game Project C.A.R.S (join calendar)

Race planner for the above listed game

This topic has a race planner attached. The planner can be used to find a time to meet.
Importand notice: the planner will automatically calculate the world time! i.e. if you enter 12oclock other members in other timezones will not see 12oclock but the fitting time to their time zone.

How does it work?

You can add yourself to the player list with the participate button. After you have participated you have to choose or add which date and time do fit for you!
The meetings will be fixed to the ones with the most players and one moderator. If you like to be a moderator simple leave a message in the thread.

All this dates are open private suggestions, this means if it does not meet your times you have to add your suggestions to this callendar for the year 2013.
Simple use the "Propose new dates button" and otheres will join or not join your available dates. Primary use weekend and two options like midday and evening.

  28 Apr 15:00 28 Apr 18:00 02 Nov 18:30
minikase - - -
museumsteve - - -
prodigy - - -
RafBR KommentarSorry but I cant. I wish I could but my internet is 3G / bad signal so it wont work :S No No No
Roadster2 - - -
sirnoname - No -
TheXRacer - - -
value1 KommentarSorry, I won't be home at that time. And BTW I'm more a welder than a driver ;-) No No -
WienerDekadenz - - -
wlady - - -
yokoyoko Kommentartrack: anhalt gp; car: asano x4 Yes Maybe Yes

This is an open meeting planner, anyone who is interested may add themselves as member. You need to login or register first if you want to use this feature.

Planner for game Project C.A.R.S (join calendar)

Postby sirnoname » Sat 20. Apr 2013, 12:08

This is a smoogle like race calendar. You will reach it with the "Calendar" link on the main page in the league box.
You can add yourself to the player list with the participate button.
After you have participated you have to choose which date and time do fit for you!

You can now add more event dates and times, this means if you are otside any time zone, simple add your time in UTC and if there are otheres we can find someone who is willing to moderate this event in this time zone. Don't be shy ;)
There will be a checklist what you need to join us on the WDM server.
- For sure you will need a simulator and Project C.A.R.S :!:
- You must have a running profile for Project C.A.R.S
- You must have a headset for skype voice chat
- a cam behind your simulator to verify you are not cheating with a not moving simulator would be fine but not a must
- the X-Sim chat in extractor/webpage or the shoutbox running to find each other
Please insure it is working and you have skype installed. Enter your skype datas here: ucp.php?i=profile&mode=profile_info. Do not forget to enable the web access like described so that we can see your skype online activity for an invite into the racing group. The skype button will be added to the chat system in january.

(picture from here)
If a answer is correct or did help you for a solution, please use the solve button.
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Re: Planner for game Project C.A.R.S (join calendar)

Postby yokoyoko » Wed 24. Apr 2013, 13:00


I added some people of them I know they own this game. I like this game very much (depending on ffb settings and choosen car).

My suggestion would be:
Track = Anhalt GP
Car = Palmer Jaguar LM

This combination is relative easy to learn! The aliens drive with this combi. around 1:26 - without practise and setup the car I can put a 1:29 if I didn't loose the car in the "hotelkurve" or in the "triple"... :lol:

If someone needs a profile for this game/track/car you can find my profile in the cloud (or on request I will send it via pm).

Hope to see you on track!
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