X-Sim 3 documents

This will be the place where all the documents are collected for your reference.This could be manuals, descriptions, previews or general hints.

First step training without the need of hardware (highly recommended)

Training Tutorial For newcomers we have a special tutorial with a 3D simulation of a real simulator. You can use this tutorial before you have finished your hardware and you are able to get all games running and avoid trouble if you bring your hardware running.

Start the software training

X-Sim 3 documentations:

X-Sim 3 Introduction, general informations and roadmap
A quick guide for working with X-Sim
A quick guide for the most importand simulator types
X-Sim Extractor Graphic Driver Guide
X-Sim Extractor Howto: game wizard scripts for one click installer
X-Sim General online manual

X-Sim 3 documentations for developer and programmer:

X-Sim 3 developer and programmer guideline, X-Sim core engine

Android, Apple IOS (IPAD, IPhone) and OBDII video tutorials:

We recommend that you do the above software traning steps 1 to 6 as a minimum requirement for this video tutorials.
You can connect your OBD II device with low power bluetooth, power consumpting WLAN, ethernet or a normal serial port like RS232 or RS485.
Try out any OBD2 car diagnostic software out of the market for Apple, Google, Linux or Microsoft OS.

Important hint: the OBD II software or hardware which you like to connect must have support for the common ELM327 OBD II interface (WLAN, BT or serial port edition)! This adapters are well known by most of the avilable software and supported with autodetection. You do not need this hardware interface itself because we simulate OBD II inclusive ELM327. So you only have to connect to this emulator without additional parts.

Howto setup Android bluetooth with X-Sim Extractor

How to use Apple IPAD and WLAN OBD-II on X-sim extractor

X-Sim 3 user video tutorials:

Professional profile making by yokoyoko

Automated profiling features in a quick overview

Pololu JRK 12v12 tutorials:

Setup jrk in x-sim by yokoyoko

Presentation viewer tutorials:

The different methods for a frontend

Bug and beta report documents:

Please use this document if they are requested in the bug tracker:

If you like to report a bug go here.

Use this document to report a beta status of X-Sim 3:

Download beta reporting ducument

Use this document to report a bug in the automatic game detection:

Download autodetection bug report ducument

Open Office

All the documends are written in open document format and can be opened with the freeware Open Office.