X-Sim - the leading software for motion simulator developer and DIY* builder

x-sim general settings X-Sim is a closed source software package with an open source plugin system to easily add new games and motion simulator hardware. Only the main programs are closed to avoid incompatible derivates in this small section of business and make it more compatible with own builded simulators. As a freeware for private usage it needs support from partner companies that can implement their hardware as a plugin and live from the wide game support of the game engine. Own skinning for commercial usage are a part of the new support as a small company. (* DIY = do it yourself)

History about X-Sim and the old/new X-Sim community:

The software was founded 2001 because of the problem that many companies with motion simulators have quit their business. It was former a workaround for the “Rock'n'Ride” chair from cybermotion which have sold many of their plastic simulators over online delivery shops in 1995 and later. After this the software has grown in functionality and game support. It was then used by some companies to sell their left over simulators that comes with old MSDOS software. In the end of 2006 it becomes a open platform for “do it yourself” simulator development and companies which search for a entry solution. Now after 2011 it will get more community support because the builders left the community after building such a simulator or they completely sold it. It was therefore neccessary to split the old community and the new one so that all speak from the same software in their posts.

Type of supported hardware:

Equipped with a simple programmable universal serial output (RS232/RS485/ethernet) and some universal laboratory interfaces which are deliverable in nearly every location you will find more than one solution for your project. The special support for the well known SCN5 and SCN6 actuators is one of the features you will find in this package. This SCN support will control some simulators as a third party software. Insure the hardware has a “x-sim ready” logo if you buy a new simulator and you can insure your compatibility with this software.

The game support:

X-Sim supports the most telemetry interfaces of the biggest game developers. This heuristic plugins are held as non game bundled and works for new releases of the same company. Additionally it provides some DirectX support out of the graphic engine and the force feedback signals directly out of the game. However it is common to use the official developer plugins to avoid problems with online racing and cheating. As a third solution it is possible to use the well known “Cheat engine” to find the fitting motion out of a game and insert the pointers directly in the software (advanced users only). The found telemetry data positions are used as read only. You will find a support overview in the documentations and the manual.