Available X-Sim releases for commercial partners (all releases)

x-sim ready logo You are going to start your own simulator company? Then you have a save and easy start with X-Sim. We know that your development and years of investment is the money you want to live from. A copy of your work can stop your business. On the other side we need partners to increase the experience with X-Sim.
Partners of X-Sim may put a X-Sim ready symbol on their products, manual or bills to insure the customers that they will support X-Sim without loosing warranty. The developers of X-Sim will not give any warranty for 3rd party products, this is a part of the test environment of our partners.

Download a bigger version of the x-sim ready logo here

Quick Overview Table

Included featuresFreewareProject Stage 2Supporter EditionSingle licenseReseller editionRace Center Edition
Online databaseyesyesyesyesown server
Presentation Vieweryesyesyesyesyeskiosk mode
Universal serial output / HW pluginsyesyesyesyes
X-Sim dongle to ...cloudcomputercomputercomputeractuatoractuator
Official game pluginsyesyesyesyesyesyes
Graphic driver (telemetry out of 3D)yesyesyesyesyes
Memory driver (i.e. NoLimits)yesyesyesyesyes
Force Feedback driveryesyesyesyesyes
Offline optionyesyesyesyes
Command line parameteryesyesyesyes
Own logos allowedyesyes
All plugins have own signatureyesyes
Own windows UAC authentication signyesyes
Remote controledyes
Donation to make with top donation buttonfreeOwn project page30€50-60€1890€1990€
Importand note:Special offer only for private DIY builders, no bought commercial devices like starter kits. No ready builded devices.For one computer + commercial usageFor commercial products or public events, contact us if there are questions.
For private builds you have to read the "Terms of private usage" on the left navigation menu. All free editions are only licensed for private self builded simulators that are not used commercial and do not use commercial bought starter kits.

X-Sim 3 commercial single user license

For event companies or for companies with less quantities:

-The non commercial banner is removed
-Fast delivery. Software is dongled with the PC and no USB dongle is needed
-This version does not need a internet connection
-Enabled command line feature for integration into your setup


1 license : 60€
10 licenses: 55€ per license
100 licenses: 50€ per license

This version is designed for preinstalled computers because of the complex key system. Each license must be requested and the computer must not change network card and windows version. The below reseller edition below is better for installations at the customer.
The key system is not designed for mass production. We suggest you use a own reseller edition if you sell more than ten simulators. The reseller edition will carry your simulator settings and profiles with a one click installer and the reseller edition does not need a online connection and does not come with a key system.

X-Sim 3 Commercial reseller license (recommended for companies with more than 10pc)

You are going to start with your own company? Then you have a save and easy start with X-Sim. We know that your development and years of investment is the money you want to live from. A copy of your work can stop your business. You can get a rewritten version with logos and text of X-Sim removed. You will get a own secure and prooved key generator that stops other using your work and give easy access to your customers. The key generator will give you a unlimited number of keys for your reseller edition. This version may get supported in the version tree if wished for lifetime. You may decide which game you want to support and which is not needed by your customers. The setup is reduced to a one click installer for a easy use for your customers. The advantage is that you can use and resell it in your own way. You can also have a plugin software solution for your own simulator, so your hardware interface is secured and cannot be used by others. We like intensive contact with you and your experience with X-Sim to make it better. This version can be resold by yourself and be a part on your bill.
The minimal investment is 1890€ to the amount of work you expect (working time for logo integration an removing of not needed parts). It is wise to make a small brainstorming about it. You get unlimted licenses for your customer immediatelly with your own key generator. No waiting for a X-Sim key request via paypal. Simple request a free pro forma invoice as offer by use this link: Press here!

X-Sim 3 Race center edition (Custom programmed editions)

This is a special remote controlled X-Sim version which works in racing centers for two or more racing simulators connected together to one big racing event. It will work best with games that have command line arguments and can directly start into a map without the need of complex menus. Unlike other X-Sim versions those software will show a picture until the event manager starts such a race. This could be a external terminal or one of the rigs itself with a code input that you provide at your cash register. You must calculate the same development price as the reseller version and if you do not live in germany you have to get someone who will support this setup locally. The limit of connectable simulators is game specific. You need "do it yourself simulators" or simulators with x-sim ready logos. You will get a license for the number of simulators you connect together, this version will not run on other personal computers. It is your time to decide to mount the simulatos by yourself or to let mount them by our partners. We will only provide a running software for your setup.