Programmers section

The X-Sim project offers some unified interface plugins for all the games or hardware it will use, To simplify the handling with the different game developer ingame value readout solutions, someone can use parts of X-Sim in it’s own simulator software.
Here you will find some good stuff to make addons for the x-sim software or to write own software which is able to read ingame values.
New plugins are very welcomed!

1.) Writing desktop gauges or software which needs input out of x-sim
This part would be the easiest, because X-Sim is using simple MMF files to publish the gauge section to other programs

2.) Writing a math plugin for the math setup of the X-Sim converter application
Here you will find a detailed information how a math addon can be programmed. With a math plugin you are able to get the last mathline and transform the result to your wishes. With a dialog you are able to implement a user interaction.

3.) Writing a new interface plugin for the X-Sim converter
If you own knowlege about a interface that you would like to use in the synaptrix or direct output setup, you are able to add a self written plugin here. The plugins are self detecting drivers of a hardware. Mostly this should be a USB device or a serial RS232 compatible hardware with type and serial number detection.

4.) Writing a game plugin for the X-Sim extractor application.
New games need sometimes a new type of game plugin. If the force-injector cannot be used, because many updates will destroy your work, you are able to implement a game plugin which will use a game developer solution for that work. This could be a network readout or a memory mapped file readout. The plugin must support a ingame start detection and the export of some simulator relevant values.
It is also highly wished to increase the value readout of existing plugins! Contact us if you have informations!

You will find the sample sourcecode in the x-sim directory /other stuff/sourcecode

Command line parameter (only available in the supporter edition)

To program a automation menu or some sequence with the x-sim software, each application uses parameter after its exe call.

X-Sim extractor:


All parameter are inserted behind a exe file without the “-” or “ .
The send command will press the “try to send” button of the sender main dialog after a application startup.
The player mode is special for the video plugin and is used on a double click on a video plugin config file.

c:>extractor.exe send             only press the “try send” button
c:>extractor.exe flatout.fsd     loads the flatout.fsd file and start the “play” button

X-Sim converter:

It is only possible to attach the .rn2 file after the exe filename.

c:>converter.exe flatout.rn2     loads the flatout.rn2 setup file

Video Plugin 2.x

Here you can only attach the fsm file which will be loaded by the plugin.
Insure the video file is in the same directory.