Hardware gauge solutions

X-Sim is a software to control a simulator, so it is no problem to control a hardware gauge. There are many solutions how the hardware solution could look like. I will present the most common solution on this page and how you could duplicate them. There are solutions with USO and Synaptrix available.

R/C servo driven gauges
MOT-303_250    PICT1705   PICT1711

There are many interfaces which are working with X-Sim. The most common are USO working interfaces that output the math section value for a gauge to a RC servo interface which is connected to the standard serial port of a computer. If you do not own such a serial port, you can add one with a USB to serial converter for less money.

Known interfaces:



Sound ST Lab CMI8738



Pololu interface (any)

any soundcard with servocommander

Tronic DIY AMC interface

Digital gear indicator
This is to display the current ingame gear number in a self-made dashboard.
It is a velleman K8063, supported with the X-Sim Synaptrix output.

The Servo Commander


This is a clone software which is ported to the X-Sim output. You can connect a servo to one of the eight outputs of a sound card analogue signal. You will find the ported clone of this software in the “other stuff” directory of the X-Sim installation. You have to export the wanted value in the gauge setup and then choose the slot within the servocommander software. Also you need to input the minimum and maximum value to be shown with the servo.