LCD support

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Application of LCD displays and gauges

Normally the parallelport (LPT) intelligent LCD displays was something for do it yourself builder around the world. Now many computer modding companies and addon developer are using these displays. A good example is logitech which build such a display in their keyboards. Also other companies use programmable displays in speaker systems. Because the delivered software often does not use the whole advantage of this components, their are many big communities which make addons for this hardware modules. Two of the biggest are listed here:

1. LCDHype
2. LCDStudio

G15 user are normally using the LCDStudio, which is easy to use, but do not support many different display types
Script programmers and DIY user likes the LCDHype program better. My favorite is of course LCDHype which is better to modify in the details.
For beginners LCDStudio is the right choice.
On the community pages you will find many hardware wiring samples and other useful information’s about the different displays available.
Because this will be discussed in this communities, I will not write more about this here.


Press here to learn more about LCDStudio

Continue here if you like the advanced LCDHype

General setup for both applications