The desktop gauge system of X-Sim Profiler2


The desktop dashboard gauge system is a easy startup solution without the need of gauge hardware. It will be used with computers dual screen graphic cards and a additional 15” cheap VGA display or another small display connected. The display will be mounted behind a steering wheel of an racing frame or as dashboard for a flight simulator. This enhanced area will be used for any ingame gauge instruments so the game can run in full screen mode without the cockpit view. Additionally you can use external number or dot matrix displays as a instrument extension. These small LCD displays are often connected with a printer or serial port and could be cheap organized. Additional to the normal speed gauges and RPM displays you can show the current round number and position in the game.
The desktop gauges are skinned gauges which can be easy modified to your own car setup. The are free changeable to any usage.

You should start with the step by step tutorial of the analogue pointer gauge which shows you the possible solutions to change the skin with the editor mode of the plugins.


 Analogue pointer gauges


 Digit numbers as RPM or speed gauge


 RPM stripe bar


 RPM color stripe bar


 Text gauge for position output


 Color changing picture gauge for temperature


 LCDHype and LCDStudio output


 Flag gauge

If the basic gauges are generated they are combined to a o called dashboard view. The dashboard setup is included in the force profiler which will run all the needed configuration for you on a game start.

List of x-sim included gauges: (simple load able with a .rn2 profile in the MyProfile directory)


Info panel by Ferari_Man

This is the biggest panel which offers tire information’s and detailed lap time display.


AIM dashboard by MBORacing

Uses text gauges instead of graphically gauges.


Stacked gauges by MBORacing


USBD480 Motec clone display by TeroD


Fantasy gauge by vince


Auto meter gauges by bvillersjr