Text plugin

Text gauge plugin

A text gauge can be used to display ingame time, current round, current position or anything else, which cannot be displayed with the common plugins.
Please insure you are using a common font type, because if you share this gauge a not common font cannot be shared because of license problems.
For the use of quarz like fonts which are used as 7.1 digit displays, please use the font “LCDMono” which is installed with X-Sim. This will enable
you to share that type of gauges which use a 7.1 text.
Load a background image as shown in the analogue gauge description with a cur color that you have to choose in the setting dialog.


Here is a sample how to display the current ingame time. First you have to select some special display variants, then you are able to print the input value as selected with a %d at the text position you like. So you can write something like “Time: %d” and the result is “Time: 00:00:00.000” in the plugin output.


After you have finished the gauge display, save the setting file in the “mygauge” directory or one if its sub folders.
Then you are able to load this setting file in the gauge dashboard editor and create a big sized dashboard which will be started with the game.
Continue here for the general setup.