Mem driver

Memory driver - read directly in the game memory

Please note: If a developer game plugin is pre-given in the extractor application menu and you do not want some special effects you do not need the graphic driver, the force feedback driver or the memory driver. This drivers are only needed for a fast game support if there is no plugin written or the game will never get a plugin because the developer has not designed  or will not design a interface for exporting the ingame data’s.


The force injector is a graphical front-end for the found force values out of other programs. It is not able to find that values by itself but is able to use the found values by itself and readout the program memory without the use of the other programs.
This program will direct read the game memory at the positions where the programer has placed his force information’s. Therefore the Injector uses memory pointer which start at the begin of game memory (=0byte) upt to the end of the game memory (extracted game file size).
Because the memory is mostly allocated in the running game, the injector will provide the input of dynamic pointers, which can be found with some other, non X-Sim, tools.
To find such force values you have to read the Injector pointer tutorial.

The Injector is able to get the ingame speed value out of a ingame gauge dashboard and transform it to acceleration and additionally to a force value for your simulator Y-axis. The combination with Yoda2 and its X-axis value gives you a complete ingame force combination.

Step by step explanation:

1. Read the pointer tutorial and find the force values in your game or search the online server/forum
2. insert the game values in the right table by adding them with the input dialog on the right side.
3. Start your game, change to desktop (alt + tab key) and find the game taskname with the “search” button.
4. Insure game is detected and the values are moving

Start Force-Sender2 application.
Insure the injector will be started with Force-Sender2.

If the Injector is correct activated the sender will display it in the main page.

Now the Injector will automatically detect a running game and export the chosen ingame values to the Force-Profiler. Go to the input setup and insure the values are correct displayed there.