Generally X-Sim2 could support every game on the market, because the additionally tools like Yoda2 or Force-Injector can be used to get all the needed information’s out of a game. However these tools need advance knowledge and some hours of work to build a profile for a simulator or gauge dashboard system. Most of the game developer are providing a simple or complex method to get the ingame values. Some uses shared memory areas where other programs can access the values, other developer like a network protocol which will send the values to a hardware system. These different methods are collected in X-Sim in a unified plugin system which is also available for programmers which want to use it. Because of the unified system some wasted ingame values may not be supported by a game developer. In this case this value is zero. To compare which values are available and how to setup your game, you can now choose your game out of the list below.
Please feel free to contact the programmer of x-sim, if you think you need one more value or a value in the list will not work as aspected.
Feel free to combine a plugin with the other tools like the force injector, which is able to bring you more ingame values with some additionally work.

List of all developer designed plugins: (unified X-Sim2 export/import interface)

Racing Games:
- rFactor
- Live for Speed
- Nitro Stunt Racing Stage 1
- Truck Racing by Ranault Trucks (Freeware)
- GTR 2
- Race
- Race 07
- GT Legends
- GTR Evolution
- Grand Prix Legends
- Nascar Racing 2003
- Nascar Racing 2005
- Collin McRay Dirt
- Racedriver Grid
- Racer (Freeware racing simulation)
- Grandprix 3+4
- SBK (motorbike simulation)
- ARCA Simracing (RE/MAX)
- ACTC Simulador Turismo Carretera
- Volvo - The Game
- iRacing
- STCC the game
- Race On


Flight Simulations:
- X-Plane
- IL2
- Microsoft Flight Simulator 98 - X / Combat
- Falcon (beta plugin available in forum)
- Condor soaring
- Lockon (beta plugin available in forum)


If your game is not listed, you may first use Yoda2 to use Microsoft Force Feedback signals as simulator control. This is possible, because the sum of all feedback signals that are produced in a joystick or wheel system can be splitted with Yoda2 to real lateral and longitudinal forces which are part of the resulting force you feel on a game input device. These single extracted forces are mostly the true car forces and not special calculated for the steering feelings.

If you like to find ingame values you are able to use search engines out of the cheat section. The cheat engine can find the current forces by comparing one game situation with another a few seconds later. Then you can insert this values in the Force-Injector tool which will access the game memory if the game is running. Then the Injector will use the found memory position of the cheat engine and transfer this to the Force-Profiler2. The Injector is able to convert found speed values, like the one of the cockpit speed gauge, to acceleration forces by polling the speed values every ms and use the difference of time and velocity to calculate the acceleration value. For left and right you are able to mix the values of Yoda2 or a cockpit slip ball gauge (if present).
Additionally there is a online X-Sim database where found values can be stored and recalled by any x-sim user.
The values can be downloaded and saved locally and therefore copied to the simulator system if there is no internet connection.

Samples in the online Force-Injector database:
- NoLimits roller coaster simulation
- Richard burns rally
- GTR2 sample (not really needed, because of the above developer telemetry plugin)