Input setup


The input setup will give you a short overview about the values received from the Force-Sender2 application. If you like to see the current chosen plugin values in this dialog you have to enable the sender application first. You can do this by pressing the “Try to send” or “Play game” button in the Force-Sender2 main dialog. With a press of the button the new names are transferred to your Force-Profiler2 application. This values here in the input area are not unified and in any size. This could be a speed value from a gauge system or a real force value in a G size or a multiply of it. The joysticks are in range about -117 to 117. This values have now to be converted with the math section to a 32 bit value with a range from 0 to 4294967296. The realtime graph in the math section will help you to get a feeling for that big integer values. The math plugins will catch these values as you order them and resize them. Also a threshold will catch one of these values and do a reaction on them.

Insure the correct working of the input values before you continue to the math setup. Without a connection you are not able to start any hardware movement.
The Force-Sender game action detector check box will tell you if a game is running or a race is started. It is the main race detection function of the Force-Sender. Normally it tells you, that the game time is running and therefore the race or flight has started.