The X-Sim2 Profiler2 has a big gauge dashboard support for all simulator software fans.
It is usable without the need of any simulator or hardware and can be used as a simple simulator extension.

There are four different types of gauge systems that are supported:

Type 1: The X-Sim2 desktop gauge dashboard system
- Read more about desktop dashboards here
- General setup

Type 2: The output for hardware gauge systems
- Using a new axis for a hardware gauge system

Type 3: Use small printerport/USB/serial LCD displays as graphical or text gauge system
Lcdhype1         lcdhype3
- More info about LCD’s
- General setup
- Go to home page of LCDHype
- Go to home page of LCDStudio

Type 4: X-Sim2 3D simulator simulation
- Continue to the 3D simulator section
- General setup